Bogie Springs for LGB Two-Axle Cars

For many years, I have been annoyed at how poorly the two-axle freight cars from LGB perform in tight curves. Although the swivelling bogies are welcome on tight curves, I think they do more harm than good. They do not realign to the center properly when leaving a curve, and most of the time they don’t even ‘follow’ the curve. And when you fit metal wheels (like I always do), you end up hearing the metal wheels scrape against the rails both in curves and on the straights. Quite annoying.

I designed the “bogie springs” to mitigate these problems. The flexible bogie springs are designed so that the bogies can still swivel when needed (depending on curve radius and type of couplers), but they will always realign the bogies to the center. You will still hear some scraping in tight curves, but cars now run perfectly smooth on straights (and large radius curves). A massive improvement, for me.

I designed them myself, and printed them at Shapeways. The pictures shows a bogie spring in white, but the final springs are printed in black to make them nearly invisible when mounted.

Bogie Springs for LGB Two Axle Cars

This is the kind of project you wish you had done sooner… 😉

If you think they seem useful, I offer them in limited quantities for sale here: GSD – Bogie Springs for LGB Two-Axle Cars.

Build Log: Feldbahn Cars #1

I recently purchased a ‘Feldbahn’ Deutz diesel locomotive from LGB (#25910), and I wanted some freight cars to run behind it.

Unfortunately, LGB’s prices for new Feldbahn cars are ridiculous, so either I had to find some pre owned cars, or I had to make them myself. And since I have a 3D printer, the latter option was very interesting…

I took some measurements from an LGB field railroad flat car, and designed my own flat car. It looks similar in overall shape and size, so it would match existing LGB cars well. I designed the Feldbahn chassis to run on LGB’s Feldbahn size wheels (20 mm I think), but I am looking for some other wheels as the LGB wheels are way overpriced. The chassis is also compatible with hook and loop couplers.

The seventh iteration of my design looked really good to me, which I now consider the ‘final’ design. The deck, stakes and chassis are separate parts, so I can use the same Feldbahn chassis for other car types. I’m thinking about making some low- and high-side gondolas as well.

All parts came straight out of the printer, I have only assembled them for the picture.

LGB 25910 Feldbahn Deutz Diesel Loco with 3D printed Feldbahn car

3D Print G Scale Feldbahn Car for LGB

You can see the typical 3D printing ‘layer effect’ when looking at the car closely. It seems a lot worse in pictures than in real life though. I don’t mind it too much, but I will definitely try to reduce it a little. Either by a few coats of paint, or some sanding.

3D Print G Scale Feldbahn Car for LGB

The plastic is super light, so I glued some (lead free) wheel weights to the bottom of the car to bring the weight up to 140 grams (wheels excluded). I might add some more of them to increase the weight even further.

3D Print G Scale Feldbahn Car for LGB

To be continued… 😉

Build Log: HSB Bicycle Car #2 – Preparing the Bodywork

I started working on the HSB bicycle car! 🙂 The first steps are assembling the bicycle car body. The floor and side panels consist of two separate styrene parts each, which need to be glued together to obtain a 3 mm (side panels) to 4 mm (floor) thick panel. To get them properly aligned, some alignment pins are included in the kit (you can see them in the second picture).

Today I finished all the side panels, so it’s almost time to glue the whole body together. The body will be placed on a standard 30 cm LGB chassis, so I’ll need to test fit that as well.

Gartenbahn Profi HSB Bicycle Car

Gartenbahn Profi HSB Bicycle Car

To be continued… 😉

Build Log: HSB Bicycle Car #1 – Introduction

Another kit I have lying around… a Harz bicycle car kit from the German ‘Gartenbahn Profi‘ magazine. The kit comes with laser cut styrene parts, and some other detailing pieces. The body needs to be placed on a standard LGB two-axle chassis.

Gartenbahn Profi HSB Bicycle Car

The kit is not exact 1:22,5 scale, and therefore too short (and maybe a bit too high as well). Maybe one day I’ll sell the finished kit and scratch build an exact 1:22,5 scale model myself, but it will be a fun project for now! Looking forward to build it.

To be continued… 😉

Build Log: SHE T02 #1 – Introduction

I finally managed to find two USA Trains NW-2 motor blocks, which marks the start of a(nother) new build. The motor blocks are required for a kit of the Südharz-Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft (SHE) type T02 railcar.

USA Trains NW2 Motor Blocks

The SHE T02 is a kit with mostly styrene parts, but it also contains some 3D printed parts. I ordered it a few years ago from Andreas Fölsch (, who produced a small number of these kits on request. I ordered mine when he was about to produce the second batch, which offers some improvements over the kit from the first batch.

Unfortunately, there’s not much info available on the internet about the real T02. The T02 existed in various paint schemes in its (short) life, I will build the dark red version. There’s a picture of it on Marco Staartjes’ website.

There’s a German book about the SHE called “Die Südharz-Eisenbahn: eine Region und ihre Bahnlinie”, unfortunately it’s hard to find it. I prefer to do some research before building the model, but I’ll have to see if it’s possible to find the book. Maybe I’ll just start building…

To be continued… 😉